Client Testimonials


Cosmo has recovered from his surgery and can go back to his favorite pasttimes, hanging out at the park and watching football!“Dr. Vinayak, Thank you again for your compassion and care with Cosmo. I really appreciate everything and am so incredibly grateful you were able to be Cosmo’s surgeon!! I can’t thank you enough. He’s doing GREAT… it’s amazing how resilient dogs are!!”

Shae C. and her dog, Cosmo

Shelby photo 4“We started to notice a change in Shelby last spring. At first she was just acting more lethargic and then we started to notice a slight change in her breathing. The vet drained her and said the cause was Chylothorax based on the substance they took out of her lungs. We had no idea how rare or serious the condition was. Shelby wasn’t ready to quit and neither was I. Luckily, the University of Chicago referred me to Dr. Vinayak. The recovery time was much shorter and easier than we anticipated.  She gradually began getting more energy and becoming more playful.  She is continuing to steadily gain weight.  She is like a puppy again- always happy and wanting to play. She is the happiest I have seen her in at least a year.”

Nicole B. and her dog, Shelby

Bentley 240

Dr. Vinayak, Thank you very much for saving Bentley’s life.  He was admitted sufferring from bloat.  We are grateful for the timely and expert care Bentley received at CVESC. Bentley has recovered from the surgery and he is doing very well.  He went for his follow up check and was given a clean bill of health. Thanks again for the excellent care Bentley received from you and the team.”

Augustus Y., Ivy W. and their dog, Bentely

Bella“From the first handshake, Dr. Prink was confident, reassuring, and professional. He has an excellent bedside manner and took ample time to explain the steps of the surgery to me. The day of the operation, I received calls from the surgeon before and after the procedure. I am very, very happy with the level of care and courtesy I’ve received from Dr. Prink and the CVESC staff. I would definitely come back to CVESC for both their specialty care and emergencies.”

Marc and his dog, Bella

Beau“Dr. Prink performed surgery on my little Toy Poodle Beau and the outcome was excellent! He was very thorough in his exam, the successful surgery left Beau with a strong stable knee and I couldn’t be happier with the care he received! Everyone we met was helpful, kind and caring and I can’t imagine taking my little guy anywhere else.”

Brenda and her dog, Beau

Tsubo“We cannot say enough good things about the doctors and staff. They are all very knowledgeable and compassionate towards our Tsubo. We’d love to pay compliments to Dr. Vinayak, Dr. Windsor and Dr. MacKenzie.”

Yu-Fong and her dog, Tsubo

Riley“Everything was perfect. We truly felt we were leaving Riley in the best hands. Each employee spent as much time needed to answer all of our questions and make us feel comfortable during this nerve racking and emotional time. Dr. Jackson sat with us longer than I’ve ever seen a doctor do, and I work in the medical field!”

Kristin and her dog, Riley

Annie“Dr. Vinayak is awesome. Super competent, patient, explained everything thoroughly, and removed multiple tumors from my dog, who is now recovering quickly and regaining her strength.”

Richard and his dog, Annie

Tokaj“It was overall excellent from the very beginning. Dr. Prink and the staff in surgery, including Matt, are simply amazing. They did a wonderful job not only prepping us, but alleviating our fears. And the surgery was flawless. As was the follow up from both sides of the street.”

Marian and her dog, Tokaj

Dolly“Everything about our experience was excellent. There really wasn’t any place for improvement. Top notch all the way. Everybody was wonderful. Dr. Prink, his nurse, the technicians, the receptionists, all did a wonderful job in everything. They eased the stress of the situation.”

Sandra and her dog, Dolly

Grace“I would like to thank Dr. Prink. He really put me at ease. I know I asked a lot of questions and was really stressed out, so I appreciated his patience. All of the vet techs who I spoke with and dealt with were wonderful when I called to check on her after her surgery. Really everyone that we came in contact with was wonderful and I always felt like Grace was in very good hands throughout the entire process.”

Jaclyn and her dog, Grace

Porter K.“This place was suggested to us by Uptown vet clinic because our dog needed surgery for a hole in his diaphragm. Dr. Vinayak was wonderful. She was empathetic and clear. She did a great job on the surgery (the little guy is totally okay now.) I am not the hugging type, and I hugged her. She was just so flipping sweet. They were really accommodating about our visiting. Awesome, awesome, awesome.”

Regina K. and her dog, Porter

Teddy 240“Thank you again Dr. Vinayak!  We were so afraid that our super-energetic Tom cat would never be the same!  The surgery you performed was flawless and Teddy is recovering wonderfully.  Look how happy and proud he is here!   At just 2 years old, he now has a full life of running, playing and jumping ahead of him – thanks to you!”

Kristen D. and her cat, Teddy Roosevelt

Prada Horizontal 240“Prada went to volunteer at Camp I Am Me. It’s a camp for kids with burns. This was her 11th year at camp. We just want to thank you (Dr. Vinayak) again for helping save her life so she can brighten the lives of others.  She had her 3rd dosage of palladia today & is doing great so far. She’s back up to 20 lbs & doing her 20 min on the underwater treadmill again.”

Michelle and Greg S. and their dog, Prada

Taffy“Our greyhound Taffy came to CVES with multiple fractures of her back leg. Dr. Vinayak did an amazing job and was able to save her leg. She was always straightforward and honest. The staff members at CVES were always friendly and happy to see Taffy when she came for her bandage changes.  The vet techs were wonderful and answered all our questions.  It was clear that everyone cared about how Taffy was recovering and how she was feeling. Dr. Vinayak went above and beyond to make sure that Taffy was comfortable. .  We are so very thankful to have had Dr. Vinayak and the staff at CVES take care of Taffy!”

Maggie V. and her dog, Taffy

Nelle Padilla“The minute I met Dr. Vinayak I was at ease. She spent more time with us than any other doctor we had visited and answered all of questions. She was very confident which made me confident that Nelle was in perfect hands. She walked out of the hospital with no problem two days after surgery! I’ve got my best friend back thanks to Dr. Vinayak. I absolutely cannot believe how fast she recovered and how easy this process was. I have recommended Dr. Vinayak to everyone I know. Thank you so much!”

Mac B. and his dog, Nelle

Freckles 240“Dr. Vinayak, I wanted to send you an update to tell you how GREAT Freckles is doing! She runs like crazy and is jumping with no problems! Also her hair is grown out from her fur-cut. Just wanted to say Thank you again for the great work you and all the techs did!”

Kara S. and her cat, Freckles

Munch Banach 240“Dr. Prink was wonderful calling us and giving us every detail about the surgery. Got more calls from vet tech and receptionist explaining everything was well. Taylor and Dr. Prink were awesome. Gave us all the information we needed. They really attended to our dog and us as parents. We are grateful to them for helping our puppy not be in pain anymore.”

Renae and her dog, Munch

Shen Hillman 240“Shen has had 3 (yes, 3) surgeries in the last year, all by Dr. Neihaus. All have gone as well as possible. 10 stars! Dr. Neihaus rocks.”

David and his dog, Shen

Fletch Darnell 240“Level of care from both Drs. Neihaus and Luethy was superb. Dr. Neihaus went above the scope of the surgery. In addition to removing his spleen, he noticed the large fatty tumor under Fletch’s armpit and removed it for us at no charge. This was very thoughtful since this lump may have been a nuisance to Fletch and could have gotten bigger. Dr. Luethy was extremely informative in his explanation of Fletch’s arrhythmia – detailing every aspect of this echocardiogram to make sure I understood the status of Fletch’s health.”

Jennifer and her dog, Fletch

Maddie“Everything was excellent. Dr. Jackson has been excellent both times we’ve come in and I would refer him to anyone who’s pet may need surgery.”

Ben R. and his dog, Maddie

Caleb Crawford

“Our experience with Chicago Veterinary Emergency  & Specialty Center has  been outstanding. From checking-in to doctors & appointments to help from the receptionist when we call in with questions, everyone has exceeded our expectations and made us feel so comfortable. My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hardiman and Dr. Prink. They have been helpful, informative, caring, knowledgeable and PATIENT (we can be crazy doggie parents!) throughout all of our appointments. We never hesitate to leave Caleb because we know he’s in good hands.”

Ashley C. and her dog, Caleb




Mikey Drake

“Dr. Neihaus spent 45 minutes on the phone with me on a Sunday to explain options for my dog’s hip surgery. He did a great job and recovery exceeded his estimation and our expectations. We feel lucky to have had his help when our dog dislocated his hip slipping on the ice.”

Leesa D. and her dog, Mikey

Bella Simeone

“Every single person on every level was nothing less than professional, informative and compassionate. I cannot thank Dr. Neihaus and the staff enough for treating both myself and my dog with the utmost respect. Thank you!!!”

Lisa and her dog, Bella




Cora Williams

“CVSG treated me very well, explaining all the different types of procedures they could do for her knee. I told Dr. Prink to do what he thought was best because I really had no idea. Everyone was very empathetic, supportive and nice. If I ever have to take Cora to the ER again, I will definitely come to CVESC/CVSG, and I will refer others here.”

Megan W. and her dog, Cora



Bella Stack

“Dr. Prink is awesome. Very compassionate and did everything to answer my questions. I was in awe that the actual doctor called me back after leaving a message with questions before he even saw Bella. All of my worries were gone after asking questions because Dr. Prink reassured me of everything.”

Katie and her dog, Bella



Mildred Romanchuk

“My husband and I have been so completely happy with all of the care and service little Mildred received while having her 2 FHO surgeries at your clinic. Dr. Neihaus was a wonderful and caring surgeon and we felt like he truly wanted our little dog to get better and he never put anything above that goal.”

Jennifer R. and her dog, Mildred




Charlie Hamilton

“Dr. Jackson!!!!! What a gem!! So skilled and compassionate. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Michelle and her dog, Charlie

Kismet“From the moment I met Dr. Vinayak, I knew Kismet was in good hands. Her passion for her work, her love of the animals, and her exemplary skills as a surgeon are beyond amazing! Kismet and I are eternally grateful to Dr. Vinayak for giving Kismet a chance at a longer, healthier life.”

Arlene B. and her cat, Kismet

Winston 2“We met an angel, Dr. Vinayak who performed the surgery that saved Winston’s life. Its been almost a month and he is 100% back to his old self. Dr Vinayak is so kind and her explanations were easy to understand. The staff at CVESC kept us informed with updates. I can’t thank them enough.”
Giselle M. and her dog, Winston

Wyatt Flip“I am a proud parent of an 8 year old Pomeranian named Wyatt who was diagnosed with tracheal collapse when he was just 3 years old. For many years we have been able to control the rate of collapse through medication and limiting exercise and stresses. Unfortunately this summer Wyatt had an episode and he almost died. The ring surgery that Dr. Vinayak performed on him saved his life and also gave Wyatt a better quality of life. He recovered really fast and his breathing has improved so much that it’s hard to believe it is the same dog. I cannot say enough good about Dr. Vinayak and the whole group at Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center. ”

Lisa K. and her dog, Wyatt

Max Ostrowski

“Max has been seeing Dr. Neihaus for a few months and I couldn’t be happier with the level of care he gets here. He’s made a lot of progress and I feel very informed. The doctor and technicians are all wonderful. Everyone has been great. It’s enjoyable to see such a friendly staff when I come in for his appointments.”

Katie O. and her cat, Max

Selema Kane“Selema had surgery on her ACL with Dr. Neihaus. I thought the service was impeccable. Everyone was so polite and very helpful. The tech was fantastic – very thorough and very good at making us comfortable with caring for Selema.”

Celeste K. and her dog, Selema

Bella Milgrom“Consult and surgery went perfectly. Dr. Neihaus was always available, punctual & professional. We love him! Highly recommend him and the facility.”

Helen M. and her dog, Bella

Pepper 1“Without the expert care of Dr. Vinayak and all of the hospital staff, Pepper would not be alive today. We have been blessed by Dr. Vinayak and all of the hospital staff’s care and expertise. We cannot even begin to express the gratitude that we feel for the care Pepper received. If Pepper could, he would say ‘Thank you for saving my life!'”

Chris and his cat, Pepper

Clarence 2“It has been a year since Clarence had the surgery to remove the tiny mast cell tumor from his neck. I just wanted to pass along a sincere thank you, Dr. Royal for referring me and Dr. Vinayak for your expertise in removing it with clean margins, and for giving me more time with him. He’s happy and healthy, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Ashley and her dog, Clarence

Maddie Burke

“Dr. Prink was very thorough and knew Maddie’s full history as well as I did prior to her initial exam. He took the time to answer all of my questions and followed up after surgery in a timely manner.”


Mary and her cat, Maddie


Lil Triscuit Lopez“The experience with the staff was great despite me being scared of my pet’s condition at the time. I have nothing but great things to say about everyone there. You guys are the best! Our family is grateful for the care you provided for both our pets. Last but not least our family would like to give the specialist team a big thank you for the care you provided for our pet Little Triscuit. Dr. Jackson – you’re the best!”


Angeilly and her dog, Little Triscuit




Chara Folino“Perfect experience. Dr. Neihaus was awesome and took such good care of Chara. She is doing great and I’m so happy she is home and well. Chara stayed overnight in the ICU after her surgery and I went to visit her at night. The staff was wonderful and comforting. I knew my baby was in the best hands possible. This is my second experience with EVSC and I absolutely love when my dogs are in their care, because I know they are taken care of at the highest standards and with love.”

Rose and her dog, Chara



Grunt WaldowWords cannot express the gratitude we have for your clinic. Grunt is a healthy little ding dong and we owe it all to you guys. Thanks again..” (Dr. Neihaus patient).

Kristin and her dog, Grunt




Lucy WardenLucy was in for a TTA which went brilliantly! The receptionists at the front desk were AWESOME! Everyone is just amazing, even the staff at check out knew who Lucy was, shared little tidbits about interaction with her or observations of her. In a lifetime of owning dogs, I have never experienced a vet clinic that was so very interconnected as a team and so engaged with the pet and owner.”

Wendy and her dog, Lucy


Hummer Principe

We are still in a state of shock over the quality of care we received. Your staff has been gentle, understanding, compassionate and extremely clear with any explanation of our next steps. We cannot begin to find a way to thank your incredible staff. Dr. Neihaus … we have no words. We are just so grateful. Dr. Smith was so sweet, compassionate and clear with us. She explained all the pros and cons, what our next steps are and what we can expect. Every phone call was returned or answered. Your team is AMAZING! We cannot thank you enough.”

Melissa and her dog, Hummer



Manny 2“Dr. Vinayak, I want you to know that you did everything and were wonderful with him. We worked together and gave him 2 months he would not have had. Manny was a truely special guy. He was a charmer who inspired affection from anyone who was lucky enough to cross his path. He was a gentel soul who’s favorite things in the world were hugs and kisses. He was my best friend and I will love him forever.”

Bill and his cat, Manny



Jackson“Dr. Vinayak – Thank you so much for taking such good care of me this year… and letting me see another Bears season :-) Sniff…sniff… sniff… I smell Superbowl!!!”

Jeffrey and his dog, Jackson



Mika Graye 2“Dr. Neihaus, We are so grateful to you and your team for taking such great care of our beautiful weimy Mika. She is doing great post op and thought you might get a chuckle of this picture of her snoozing. A huge shout out to you and everyone at CVESC. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!”

Doug, Debbie and their dog, Mika


Giovanna Mondello

“The level of service was exemplary. The girls at check-in were so friendly and helpful. Everyone was very professional and understanding, and really care about the quality of care given!! Kudos to your entire staff. The bar is set very high and they surpass it each and every time. This is the model of what animal hospitals should be like.” (Dr. Neihaus)

Bruno and his dog, Giovanna

Sasha Callahan“Every aspect of Sasha’s surgery was handled professionally, yet with warmth and compassion. Each person we encountered could not have been nicer! Especially the staff that assisted me to get a taxi after our visits! While I hope that Sasha does not need to have another surgery, I am comforted to know that your excellent hospital, doctors and staff are there, should we need you.” (Dr. Prink)

Kathleen and her dog, Sasha

Pixel Fernandez

“Services and care provided was exceptional. Dr. Neihaus, the surgical technicians and the ER staff were all very kind and courteous when I had interactions with them. We are very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and everything that Dr. Neihaus did for us!!!!!!!!!!”

Michelle and her cat, Pixel


Zoe Kremer

“Everyone was very nice and the health issue was resolved quickly. Dr. Neihaus was knowledgable. I appreciate his and all the other staff’s follow up phone calls to check on my dog.”

Christy and her dog, Zoe



Mira Naper


“I was very satisfied. Everyone was very nice.” (Dr. Neihaus)

Christine and her dog, Mira




Kermit Shouse

“The visit was very pleasant. The employees were very professional and courteous to myself and my pet. Dr. Prink was very knowledgeable and informative about possible treatment options, and the outcomes to be expected of them.”

Tiffanie and her dog, Kermit



“I would like to first of all tell you what a wonderful experience I have had at your hospital. My dog Mr. Bobo had a tumor removed from his elbow a few months ago by Dr. Jackson. Mr. Bobo loves going for a drop off in the morning for a bandage change. The fact that he is excited shows me he must be treated incredibly well. Your staff both emergency side and specialty side are fun and outgoing. The sincerity is off the charts, which is an incredible thing. To have a staff that truely loves what they do, and it shows. We are not quite finished with our experience, but I look forward to my next drop off and so does Mr. Bobo. Mr. Bobo is the first dog on his block who has a personalized cast. We thank you so much.”

Rob H. and his dog Mr. Bobo

Penni Eberlin


“Dr. Vinayak was extremely helpful. She took the time to confirm that I not only heard her, but that I totally understood what she was explaining; even taking the time to draw the knee for me. She patiently answered all my questions and concerns.”

Kenni and her dog, Penni




Zoe Mershon“(Dr. Vinayak) I just wanted to let you know that Zoe is doing great. She just finished an 8 week underwater treadmill program at IPC. The vet there is really pleased with her progress, and we will continue to help her rebuild her strength. She is clearly feeling so much better and is enjoying going on long walks again. Her legs look more muscular than we’ve ever seen them, and it makes us so happy to see Zoe being Zoe again.

None of this would’ve been possible without you, so I just wanted to thank you for enabling Zoe to walk with ease again. It means the world to us.”

Katharine M. and her dog, Zoe



Moby Pfeifer“(Dr. Neihaus) The overall experience was great. Moby is recovering nicely from his operation. I was impressed with the size and operation of the hospital; nicer than a people hospital almost.”

Jeremy P. and his dog, Moby





Benny Klonowski

“A couple weeks ago my 80lb adorable devil dog apparently ate a corn cob whole. This isn’t the first time the little monster has managed to gobble numerous non edible items down his throat. I want to personally thank you Dr. Neihaus for saving the little 2 year olds life!!!  I don’t know what I would do without him! During this difficult time you made the process seem so calming and easy going. The staff was tentative to our needs and truly cared for his well being.  Thanks again! We really appreciate it!”

Jamie K. and her dog, Benny

“Dr. Vinayak is an extremely skilled surgeon who operated on our dear cat, Kama. She explained the operation and its outcome and the rehab very clearly. She exuded knowledge and confidence. We knew Kama would be in good care. She is a big time animal lover and it shows. I would recommend her for any surgery you may have. Thank you, Dr. Vinayak, you’re terrific!”

Marcia F. and her cat, Kama

“We cannot thank Doctors Lewin and Vinayak enough. As well as the support staff at both Family Pet and Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center.  Thanks to the swiftness in which Chloe was diagnosed and treated it was like nothing ever happened to her. The care and compassion shown to not only us but especially out little Chloe did not go unnoticed and was more appreciated that they will ever know. Thank you very much for saving our baby!!!”

Jennifer and Michael V. and their dog Chloe



“I just want to say thank you to Dr. Neihaus, Dr. Wiedemann and staff for all they did for my baby, Gigi. Your staff’s handling and caring for both me and Gigi was perfect under the circumstances. I wanted to let you know I appreciate all you did.”

Kendall and her dog, Gigi





“My 3 lb yorkie Brie got her achilles tendon snipped accidentally. (Dr. Neihaus’) professionalism and ability to calm me down during such a stressful situation was remarkable. He truly was courteous and compassionate throughout the whole process. I would NEVER take my dog anywhere else except for CVESC. Dr. Neihaus is hands down the most TOP NOTCH doc around. He is honest and human. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family.”

John G. and his dog Brie

“Outstanding surgical care in a state of the art facility. My beloved Harold, a Boston French Bulldog, had to have a tumor removed from his left hip. Dr. Vinayak was referred to me by our trusted vet. She lived up to the referral, and her concerned and attentive post surgical follow-up was helpful and assuring.”

Pat M. and Harold





“Our experience with the Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center was nothing but phenomenal. They were kind, patient, informative and gracious. Whether in emergency or on the surgical side with Dr. Neihaus and his amazing staff, everything was explained in terms we could understand. They truly cared and it showed.”

Shawn S. and his dog Remmy



“I was impressed by how considerate each and every staff person was. You were all incredibly kind and shared information in ways I could easily understand. You not only provided excellent care to my cat, but also provided me with peace of mind during a really stressful time. He is alive because of your care and I’m so grateful that he is now back to his normal self.”

Stacia W. and her cat Pedro


“Diesel tore both ACLs. We met with Dr. Neihaus to discuss everything that was going to happen and how he was going to repair the first knee. The surgery went GREAT and the staff was so nice to us and Diesel every time we had to go back for follow up appointments. Dr. Vinayak did the surgery on the other knee. Again the surgery went GREAT! The staff, and Dr. Vinayak were great every time we went back and Diesel is close to being fully recovered. Thank you to everyone at CVESC!”

Jason T. and his dog Diesel

“At CVESC I was introduced to Dr. Neihaus, who noticed that Willie had a torn ACL and required surgery. Throughout the experience, Dr. Neihaus and all at CVESC have been remarkable. From walking me through the procedure, and calming my nerves, to following up and assisting with pet insurance questions, I can tell you that Dr. Neihaus treated us like friends vs. random clients. I would recommend him and the staff at CVESC to anyone who needs special care for an animal. Willie is running again and you would never now he had any issues. Thanks to all at CVESC!”

Pamela Z. and her dog Willie


“Thank you (Dr. Vinayak) for getting all that bad stuff out of my tummy and for saving my life !! You guys are the BEST. Lots of swissy hugs.”

Sarah and Christian and their dog Max







“When Andy’s spleen ruptured we came very close to losing him. Thank goodness that we got him into the CVESC right away. Before surgery Dr. Vinayak told us exactly what the situation was with him and we could see from the onset that she valued Andy as much as we did. She was thorough and honest, yet obviously very caring. Not always does a doctor possess both traits. After surgery the Doctor and the medical staff were always so helpful. When we would talk to Andy’s technicians every day, they were always so warm and caring. It made us feel good that he was in such good hands. Dr. Vinayak also kept in close contact with our regular veterinarian so the two of them could make sure Andy had the very best care. ”

Suzanne and Joanne and their dog Andy


“I accidently fell out of a 10th floor window onto rocks below. I broke my pelvis in 5 places and 3 paws. My surgeon, Dr. Neihaus, is a really good guy. He told me I would walk again. My mom wasn’t so sure, but he was RIGHT. Not just walking, I am running and jumping and kicking up a storm. ”

Zinta and her cat Oliver


“We want to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation for the most excellent care you gave ‘Peluche’ during his recent ‘adventure’ into thoracotomy world. He is recovering phenomenally, which is a testament to your professionalism and care.”

Alan & Larry and their dog Peluche





“Thank you for taking such great care of Hank during his recent stay. We’ve always considered Hank to be our ‘first born’ son and we appreciated that you treated him as the valued family member he is. Special thanks to Dr. Vinayak and Dr. Ghantous and anyone else who aided in our boy’s treatment and recovery.”

Natalie and Adam and their dog Hank




“Dr. Jackson, thank you for everything you did for Stella and I. You are a great vet and a great person!”

Shelly S. and her dog Stella






“Our best friend tore his ACL in his right rear leg. Dr. Brourman and the tech, Matt, were beyond kind, offering help to the car. Meds were chosen for the best comfort of our pet. Our boy now has two new knees and we are happy. They also called to check on our pet. What a class act.”

TR Y. and his dog Windsor




“Excellent vet, very thorough. I would highly recommend (Dr. Jackson) to anyone with an orthopedic need. I wish he could be my regular vet.”

Marcia K. and her dog Spike






“Dr. Brourman’s expertise in not only finding the correct source of her injury, but figuring out how to treat it, was comforting during a tough time. Dr. Brourman and his staff were outstanding before, during, and after the surgery. I cannot say enough about the kindness and quality of care that the hospital gave to me and my dog.”

Zac P. and his dog Sookie




“Monty is doing very well and enjoying his favorite past times. Thank you for taking such good care of him and getting him back to us better than new. You guys are wonderful!”

Margarita and Mark C. and their dog Monty