Referring Veterinarian Testimonials

“Great Job Dr. Crawford! Timely and thorough ultrasound report, which is what is most important with any type of test that is run.”
Dr. Post from Lincoln Park Dog & Cat Clinic

“We are very happy with the dedicated service that CVESC has provided us in the past few months. Everyone that I spoke to, nurses and doctors, were very helpful and kind. The doctors are excellent at sending updates and reports and have been very good about calling with updates as well and answering questions about cases.”
Dr. Dickenson from Cooley Animal Hospital

“I appreciated Dr. Ghantous’ call to discuss the case and the prompt faxes with case updates. I have had great experiences dealing with both Dr. Jackson and Dr. Ghantous for a variety of cases. Also Dr. Crawford has been responsive when necessary.”
Dr. Miller from Abell Animal Hospital

“Clone Dr. Luethy!”
Dr. Lohmar from Family Pet Animal Hospital

“Thank you Dr. Luethy¬†for always taking a phone call regarding a current patient or any patient! You are such a valuable asset!”
Dr. Jethani from Fox Animal Hospital

“Dr. Luethy’s report was very in depth and detailed. The owner was able to quickly schedule an appointment.”
Dr. Beau from Uptown Animal Hospital

“Dr. Crawford got the clients right in which they and I appreciated.”
Dr. Fox from Fox Animal Hospital

“Keep up the good work Dr. Luethy. Glad you’re at CVESC.”
Dr. Bruederle from Burnham Park Animal Hospital

“The fact that Dr. Jackson contacted me directl and discussed the case with me was greatly appreciated. He also seems like a very compassionate individual.”
Dr. Orals from Forest Glen Animal Hospital

“Really appreciated the phone call. Dr. Crawford has been great at being able to help out with urgent ultrasounds.”
Dr. Baldwin from VCA Misener-Holley

“Dr. Brourman was incredibly accommodating.”
Dr. Berman from Family Pet Animal Hospital

“The owner is so happy – Dr. Podell saved Hailey’s life!
Dr. Blair from Family Pet Animal Hospital

“Dr. Luethy is always very good. Great with clients and timely reports back.”
Dr. Burkhart at North Center Animal Hospital

“Great Work Dr. Podell. Thank you.”
Dr. Garcia from Portage Park Animal Hospital

“Much appreciated the ‘daily inpatient exam’ updates from Dr. MacKenzie.”
Dr. Gardner from McKillip Animal Hospital