Client Testimonials

Stitch Ashenhurst“From the first person we talked to at the desk, to the ER vet who treated him first, to the neurologist, Dr. Podell, and his amazing staff with whom I’m still in constant contact, we have felt respected, cared for, and heard. Any concern we have is thoughtfully investigated, and everyone is really clear about what is going on. They also make themselves available to answer questions at literally any time of day.”

Sarah-Jayne and her cat, Stitch

Jack Napier-Gondek

“Jack has seen Dr. Jackson, been to the ER and then saw Dr. Windsor most recently. We are beyond pleased with the care that has been provided through all the staff at CVESC. The care, attention and flexibility of all the staff are exemplary! Dr. Windsor and Dr. Jackson are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields, although are able to explain very well in layman terms. Dr. Windsor, the technicians and the reception staff at the specialty clinic definitely went above and beyond with their service to my pet and with being accommodating. We could not thank you enough for your service!”

Hillary and her dog, Jack

Benny Roehrig

“I was extremely pleased with the service and care that my dog, Benny, received by Dr. Niman and the entire Neurology department staff. Everyone was very compassionate during a difficult time for me, my fiancé and Benny. Every staff member that we interacted with was very thorough in explaining what the next steps would be and the techs were especially good at explaining how to take care of Benny at home. Dr. Niman is not only brilliant and extremely knowledgeable, but he is also a kind person. Dr. Niman is a miracle worker.”
Erin and her dog, Benny

Abby Russell

“Very professional facility with a lot to offer for the care and treatment for your pets. They took great care and were very helpful to us since we were from out of town and we did not live close. They also kept our primary care veterinarian informed of treatment and follow up care, which she and her staff was very much pleased with and impressed with your professionalism. We love and appreciate the fact that you never gave up and that you kept searching for the underlying problem when you felt that you were missing something. That’s what makes you a great doctor!!”
Angela and her dog, Abby (Dr. Windsor client)

Phillip Baudo


“Dr. Podell is great! All of the staff were very friendly and courteous. Dr. Podell’s technician, Dena, is always so nice when I call in for refills for Phillip’s medications.”

Sara and her dog, Phillip


Dyno Barkoozis


“Everything went great as usual. Dr. Windsor knows her stuff and always goes out of her way to fit us in when we can come cause we live an hour and a half away.”

Nicole and her dog, Dyno


Juniper Weiss


“Dr. Windsor and the staff of CVESC were wonderful to Juniper and I during a stressful time. She was having head tremors and I was of course very concerned. Juniper was handled with the utmost empathy, care and concern.”

Sarah  and her dog, Juniper



Snow Tocco

“We are very happy with the service our family received. Snow is doing very well. We have great confidence in Dr. Podell and the support staff.  Everyone was very friendly and supportive.”

Paula and her dog, Snow



Dexter Valken

“Brena at check in is great, friendly and kind and positive. Dr. Windsor was amazing, making sure I understood the complex issue going on with my pup, and working with me, with my work hours, and with the fact that I work at a vet hospital. She has worked closely with my hospital to make Dexter’s treatment easier for me. “

Lauren and her dog, Dexter


Belle Borrego

“Belle was very sick when we came in for the first time. After multiple doctor visits with no diagnosis or reduction in site, Dr. Windsor and staff quickly diagnosed Belle as well as explained and clarified the process of treatment moving forward. Without the doctors help, Belle would have definitely died. To this day, my boyfriend and I continue to speak of Dr. Windsor and the staff and all they did for us. We will NEVER go to a different facility. Such an amazing staff!”

Allie and her dog, Belle



Samson Quinones

“Dr. Windsor was very caring and took the time to explain everything clearly. She and her staff did a great job. I would like to compliment the whole staff. Everyone we dealt with was very professional.”

Ismael and his dog, Samson


Hazel Lu Somrak

“Angela did a great job calling me back on questions and med doses. Dr. Niman always takes the time to email me back and provide the best explanation and support possible.”

Sarah and her cat, Hazel Lu



Bentley Libman

“The experience was outstanding. Bentley is doing just great. Dr. Podell is a first class gentleman. The physicians on staff are what makes your clinic as great as it is. “

Robert and his dog, Bentley


Charley Hynes


“Everyone was very nice and took very good care of Charley. Dr. Niman was great! He really took care of Charley and just seemed to be very passionate about making sure she was ok.”

Jessica and her dog, Charley




Louie Connelly
“We are so grateful for the efficiency and skill we received from your team. Everyone we have interacted with has been compassionate and helpful, and everyone seems to truly care for our pet.

Thank you!”

Christina and her dog Louie
(Dr. Podell client)


Spencer Leal

“Dr. Niman was fantastic. He was able to clearly explain what was wrong with Spencer, what was needed to remedy the situation, and made me feel calm and at ease. I was completely confident that Spencer was in good hands.”

Rudy and his dog, Spencer




Simon Smith

“Dr. Podell was incredibly patient and understanding. He took the time to listen to the progression of my dog’s symptoms, and was patient and kind given my concern. He explained his concerns, the dog’s diagnosis and prognosis simply, honestly, and with compassion. He and the staff all commented on how sweet my very-needy and somewhat nervous dog was during his stays.”

Bonny and her dog Simon


Livvie Binnie 2

“Dr. Podell is always gracious and never seems to rush through the examination. He answers all my questions and is approachable. All important qualities in a vet. Livvie means the world to us and he gets that. “

Georganne and her dog Livvie




Murphy DeLong

“I had a wonderful experience during a very stressful time. Dr. Podell explained everything to me and did a wonderful job of keeping me updated with the surgery, care and how my dog was doing.”

Yosha DeLong and her dog Murphy



Bo Hanford“Service was excellent. Dr. Podell is very knowledgeable and great with my dog!”

Debbie and her dog Bo




Simeon Moran“Dr. Podell successfully removed a meningioma and gave 5 more years of life to Simeon. It was the greatest gift I ever had. He was polite and professional and the most knowledgeable person I interviewed for the job.”

Rosa and her cat Simeon



Walter Goldhaber“Dr. Podell was extremely responsive during our visit, and also afterwards. He called to follow up a few times. We really appreciated the continuity of care.”

Kate and her dog, Walter



Remy Scheftel“My experience was amazing! It is always traumatic when something goes wrong with your pet … a beloved member of the family. Dr. Niman and all the staff were calm, understanding, compassionate and sympathetic – making me feel like I was making informed choices for the best interest of my dog. Thank you for everything!”

Heather and her dog Remy



Mazzy Lopez

“Dr. Podell,
We continue to be very grateful for all you have done for us and Mazzy. It truly will be a wonderful Thanksgiving with her here with us. Thank you.”

Analu L. and her dog, Mazzy




Oliver Trafelet

“Dr. Niman was terrific. He spent over ½ hour evaluating Oliver and talking to me about Oliver’s overall health. He made practical suggestions of things I could do to make my life – and Oliver’s – more comfortable. I wish Dr. Niman was my “everyday” vet.”

Louise T. and her dog, Oliver


Mia Hollinger Antonelli

“I’ve been very impressed by the compassionate care and thorough information and communication we’ve experienced with our cat in the ER and then being seen by Dr. Niman for care and follow-up.  Everyone we encountered was caring and professional.”

Laura H. and her cat, Mia



Charlie Chaplin Levine

“Dr. Niman gave me my cat back! He fixed Charlie Chaplin’s back so he was no longer in pain and was himself again. Everyone was so kind and accommodating. Thank you for being so understanding on how much he means to me.”

Jennifer L. and her cat, Charlie Chaplin



Shaia LaBelle

“From intake to discharge, I was extremely pleased with the level of service – I felt 100% comfortable knowing that my dog was receiving the best care, and knew I had brought her to the right place. Dr. Windsor answered all of my questions and was so very helpful. I am forever grateful to the staff for taking such amazing care of Shaia.”

Jessie L. and her dog, Shaia


Rosa Gimenez

“Dr. Podell and the tech staff have always been so kind and helpful. It’s always a personalized visit and I really appreciate the care they have extended to me and my dog during some difficult times.”

Ingrid G. and her dog, Rosa.



Mia Mangone

“Dr. Podell was great. My poor dog had a severely ruptured disc and he was able to diagnose and perform surgery the same day. I was very anxious over her condition and his experience and calmness helped put me at ease. I trusted that Mia was in very capable hands.”

Elizabeth M. and her dog, Mia


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Experience was top notch. Came in for a second opinion, wish it was our first opinion, would have saved us a lot of time, money and emotional stress. Everyone we encountered made us feel welcome and comfortable (and comforted). Girls at the check-in and check-out desks, easy in, easy out. Dr. Podell, well you know how great he is!!

Irene and dog, Stella

Ripley Neary

“Everything went well. All was explained to us. Dr. Windsor was very informative, compassionate and friendly.”

James and his dog, Ripley




Mazie Grace Heinlein

“Everything was accomplished as smoothly and positively as it could be. Dr. Podell was very knowledgeable, yet he delivered his information in a very clear and comforting manner. His demeanor and the way he treats both you and your pet with kindness and respect, makes it easy to put your faith in him. The receptionists at the desk do such a great job at making you feel welcome and at ease the moment you walk in.”


Trudy and her dog, Mazie Grace


Dusty PettingerYou guys were absolutely amazing!! This was an incredibly stressful time for us and everyone treated us like family!! It was comforting to come in there under scary circumstances!! Everyone has been amazing. Everyone pretty much knows me when I walk in the door. We have many dogs we bring there and have received amazing service!!” (Dr. Podell and Dr. Niman)


Candi and her dog, Dusty



Dukie Slinic“I’m very happy! I thought the whole staff and especially Dr. Niman was great! I wish I remembered her name but the nurse who took Dukie was so sweet. When she heard he was all better at the end of my visit, she genuinely seemed very happy for me and Dukie.”




Rex Pomp

“I was so very impressed with the staff, facility and overall service! It was a very stressful event for my dog and for our family and when you are going through a tough time, being around friendly, courteous people makes all the difference in the world. Every time I called to check on Rex after surgery, no matter what time it was, every person that I spoke with really went out of their way to make me feel better… it was just fantastic.” (Dr. Niman)
Kimberly and her dog, Rex

Oliver Rossman

“I love Dr. Podell. He always treats me and my dogs with love and compassion. This last surgery was difficult and he has been very encouraging and has never made me feel that I made the wrong decision by operating on a 12 year old dog.”

Beverly and her dog, Oliver




Taylor Pratt

“Experience was great. You were able to take Taylor for an MRI and tests to determine a ruptured disk as soon as I could get there from the North Shore at 5pm on a Friday evening. Dr. Podell did the surgery that very night and she stayed until the following Monday. Taylor is expected to make a full recovery. She is doing extremely well at 5 weeks post surgery and seems like her old self. The staff all seemed competent and very caring. Everyone was efficient, sympathetic and nice.”

Elizabeth and her dog, Taylor


Faith Rattner

“All my experiences at CVESC have been outstanding from the first frightening visit when I did not know what was wrong, to the most recent follow up visit. I can not compliment Dr. Niman enough. He has always taken the time to explain and answer my questions either in person or via email. He is patient and understanding not only with the patient but also the owner who can be more difficult during these times of stress. He is outstanding.”

Darlene and her dog, Faith



Cooper Carter

“Dr. Podell has been working with us for over 8 years and has taken great care of Cooper and his special needs! Cooper has epilepsy and has had repeated instances with disk issues and neuropathy and Dr. Podell actually savid his life last summer when we thought that there was no further hope for him. “

Melia and her dog, Cooper




Peewee Payne

“The doctor (Dr. Niman) has an amazing ability to relate, explain, and help us keep things in perspective. His compassion is obvious. All staff members were professional and courteous.”

Marlyn and her dog, Peewee





Sheed Bowden

“I cannot express how wonderful my experience working with Dr. Niman and all of the staff at CVESC has been. Dealing with the illness of my dog has not been an easy process for me emotionally and it has been extremely comforting to know that I can call CVESC 24 hours a day and reach an expert who is professional and caring. Dr. Niman always calls when he says he will and conveys information to me in a clear way, taking a time to make sure I understand what’s going on and answering any questions I have. I have complete faith in the team at CVESC and Dr. Niman as being the best of the best, and I am thankful for the experience I have had there.”

Caroline and her dog, Rasheed


Whiskey Vazquez

“Ever since I went to your center, I have been raving about it! I am so glad that I was sent there. Previous vets we had seen did not give us any hope, but Dr. Windsor knows her stuff and told us what we could do to help our little whiskey. Our pets are family, they give us their unconditional love and we will do anything for them in return. You offer amazing services and have an excellent team all around.”

Maria and her dog, Whiskey




Gordy Cline

“Dr. Podell – I thought you might like to know that Gordy is doing great! He’s about 6 years old now, and his mobility is fantastic. He still slightly drags his back paws, but since the surgery there hasn’t been a progression in the paralysis. He is the most loving and gentle put I have had thus far, and I can’t thank you enough for saving his life.”

Kat and her dog, Gordy

Monkey Stein

“This is a very well run facility. All of the staff (including the parking attendant) that took care of my dog from check-in to check-out were polite, kind and compassionate. I’d like to thank all of the techs that talked to me on the phone (sometimes at 2am) and loved on my baby like she their own. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Podell for being able to save my dog from paralysis on such short notice.”

Cyd and his dog, Monkey



Rusty Dutcher

“The receptionist, technicians and Dr. Podell always make me feel very important and welcomed.”

Barbara and her dog, Rusty






Mathman Bleiman

“Can’t say enough about Dr. Niman. His dog-bed-side manner is outstanding. He’s a patient listener and he thoughtfully lays out options with the associated pros and cons. Basically he’s exactly what I want in a vet and consider my family and dog lucky to have been treated by him.”

Andrew and his dog, Mathman





Ziggy Savoy

Dr. Podell is a very compassionate man and doctor, who also watches the pet owner as well. We are very grateful for Dr. Podell’s care. He has made himself very accessible to us. He or his staff will always call us back in a very timely manner. It is also important for us to not only thank Dr. Podell but his staff who are also very kind, compassionate, helpful and friendly.  I and my family thank you Dr. Podell and our staff for all you are doing for our little Ziggy. Little Ziggy thanks all of you as well.

Hank and his dog, Ziggy.




“Dr. Niman, you were so calm, confident that you knew what was going on and explained everything to us very clearly.  We were seconds away from breaking down in tears and your self confidence, without an ounce of arrogance, got us through a very tough  few minutes. I received phone calls every morning with updates on Trudi’s recovery and further answers to questions I had forgotten to ask in the first time around. Dr. Niman, you are a saint!”

Melinda & Jeff and their dog, Trudi

“Dr. Podell is the reason my young Bernese Moutain Dog is alive. I am so thankful to him and his staff for the care they given my girl, Scarlett. Dr. Podell put her on the right medication and dose and saved her life. Every time she gets sick, he and his staff take excellent cre of her and that is one of the reasons she is still with our family two years later. Thank you Dr. Podell and your staff for the care you give to Scarlett!!!”

Christine & Michael and their dog, Scarlett






“Dr. Podell is amazing and so is his staff. If it wasn’t for their help, our 4-legged child would have been paralyzed. Dr. Podell and his staff are an excellent group of people. He is very thorough and professional. They do not waste time and will do anything in their power to help you and your dog. Even though they were 1.5 hours away from our home, it was worth it! Rambo has now many years to be in our lives and feel like a puppy again!”

Richard & Daisy and their dog, Rambo







“I visited Dr. Niman, the neurologist, for my dog’s spinal issues and possible Wobbler’s disease. The man has everything it takes to be a good doctor. He listens very carefully, he explains perfectly with words and drawings with markers. He is very clear and gives you complete answers.”

Michele and her dog, Tekila




“My Chihuahua is my child, and Chicago Veterinary Specialty Group treated my Chewy like a human would be treated at a hospital, the way I expect him to be treated. I was so impressed with the cleanliness and excellent service. The facility is state of the art and I knew immediately my Chewy was in the best hands. Dr. was fantastic, easy to talk to, explained everything in detail and most importantly has Chewy feeling better and back to normal. I trust Dr. Podell immensely and the rest of the staff at CVSG.”

Rose and her dog, Chewy


“Dr. Podell – Thanks for saving my dog. I really thought I would lose her last year.”

Patti and her dog, Charlie









“Thank you again for all the wonderful treatment we received. Remi has been doing wonderful. We are very thankful for all of the staff at Dr. Niman’s office. Especially the front desk girls and the tech that helped me get Remi’s stubborn butt out of the car! Thank you!”

Jessica and her dog, Remi




“I just wanted to give you an update on Lucy, a little less than a year after her surgery. We spend the weekends in the country, and as soon as the weather became warm, she was back in the stream getting her feet muddy. She’s 9 1/2 now, but often as active as she was as a puppy. With deepest thanks.”

Lorna and her dog “Lucy”





“Dr. Podell has taken care of my Japanese Chins for about 6 years in Northbrook and then we followed him to Chicago. Anne, Dr. Podell’s tech, is the best – always there to answer questions. It is very comforting to know that these doctors go for the extra training to become Diplomates.”

Regina G. and her dogs – Beejg, Obi and Sparky




“Our pug, Payton, has been a long time patient of Dr. Podell, and we cannot be more thankful that she ended up in his care. Not only is his expertise in the field parallel to none, but his service is outstanding. We can’t be happier with our experience with Dr. Podell and his staff. We hope you never need his specialized care, but if your pet does end up needing to see a neurologist, we can’t recommend Dr. Podell strongly enough.”

Christy B. and her dog ‘Payton’





“Thanks to Dr. Podell for helping our baby, Sashaa. She was having problems walking. She had a tumor surgerically removed and now six months later, she is not only walking but actually running. Dr. Podell helped her and I would recommend CVESC to anyone needing a neurologist. Thumbs up to Dr. Podell.”

Mary G. and her dog ‘Sashaa’





“Dr. Podell saved my dog’s life. She had a rare bacterial infection in her brain and spinal cord and was experiencing progressive paralysis in her legs. She is now able to walk again, and is functioning at 90% after nearly dying. Dr. Podell is absolutely fantastic. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone serious about caring for their animal.”

Chris M. and his dog ‘Bella’



“During the check-ups, you can really tell how much Dr. Niman loves animals. He handles Bear like he is his own dog and he is intuitive to Bear’s actions. He also offers suggestions and answers to any and all questions. He even brings up things that I don’t think to ask, he is very thorough. I absolutely love the care Bear is receiving from Dr. Niman. The staff here is always friendly too. I believe my dog is really receiving the best care from Dr. Niman and the Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center and I would recommend it to anyone who really loves their animals.”

Sarah V. and her dog ‘Bear’


“I was referred to your clinic by my friend. She was right. You are caring, well educated and fabulous. Thanks for taking care of my Gypsy!!”

Karin SR and her dog Gypsy Rose








“Dr. Podell’s diagnosis was expert and accurate. He was professional and caring. The techs were very loving and caring as well.”

Karen F. and her cat Elizabeth Taylor





“The first week after surgery was a rough road. Dr. Podell and his staff were there every step of the way. I could call at any hour. Dr. Podell was amazing. He always took time to return my phone calls and had suggestions for things I could try in order to get Rocco more comfortable. All of those I came in contact with were caring and compassionate. Dr. Podell is a very talented man and genuinely cares.”

Lori R. and her dog Rocco


“It’s been 12 weeks since his surgery and he looks and acts like he did before his accident. Dr. Podell and his staff made Edgar whole again.”

Laura E. and her dog Edgar