Client Testimonials


Estie Burns

“If I could give 10 stars, I would. The Specialty Center and ER are just incredible. They have saved my bulldog so many times. They not only take care of the furry patient, but also make an effort to comfort the owner throughout the recovery process. Dr. Ghantous and his team are truly spectacular, and I do not know what I would do without them.”

Jamie and her dog, Estie




Arabella Sarti

“Everything and everyone was fantastic. Arabella is treated like I assume everyone there treats their own pets. Dr. MacKenzie is terrific and I’ve referred many people to him. His staff is so kind and patient. I’m so comfortable when Arabella is in their hands.”

Wendy and her dog, Arabella


Nala Lewin


“Kate was great – she helped with Nala and tried to be super quick since I had my infant son with me. Dr. Ghantous took time to explain some complicated medical information to both my husband (on speakerphone) and myself. They know and enjoy Nala and are always glad to see us.”

Alison and her dog, Nala




Buddy Remkus


“Everyone is awesome!!! Cherie and Kate and all the rest. The technicians are all great!”

Connie and her cat, Buddy
(Dr. Ghantous client)




Charley Bible



“Everything was great! Dr. Ghantous is very personable and Cherie, his assistant is as well. “

Carol and her dog, Charley




Madison Sertzel

“Dr. Ghantous was amazing. He listened to us and answered all our questions. He gave us several if/then strategies that helped me understand Madison’s care. He gave us options to get x-rays at our vet and email them which saved us a trip into the city. He took the time to repeat testing before jumping to any conclusions which I appreciated.  Everyone was so kind. I cannot thank everyone I interacted with enough.”

Jade and her dog, Madison



Lola Heifetz

“My appointment was very informative, thorough and action-oriented. We left with a good plan and I appreciate the check-ins via phone post-appointment.”

Merove and her dog, Lola
(Dr. Ghantous client)

Scooter Frangella

“The staff was outstanding. Hospital so clean. Very responsive, my cat was in the ER for 5 days. I called all the time for updates, which they answered my concerns. Dr. Ghantous was wonderful, warm, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn’t compliment him enough. Cheri was friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable.”

Amanda and her cat, Scooter





Dexter Charles

 “Dr. Ghantous and his technicians were extremely patient, respectful and knowledgeable. Dr. Ghantous took his time explaining all options for treatment, explaining test results and in answering all of the questions I had even though he had multiple appointments and was very busy. Dr. Ghantous and his staff were very respectful and sensitive to our needs. They took their time with us and I did not feel rushed. Taking a sick pet to the doctor is a very stressful situation especially for those who consider pets as family. Dr. Ghantous and his technicians alleviated some of that stress with their knowledge, patience and care.”

Darica and her dog, Dexter



Shelby Adair

“We were very impressed. Big thanks to Dr. Ghantous and his tech for being compassionate, thorough and honest.”

Danielle and her dog, Shelby




Clover Mazzola

“Dr. Ghantous has been absolutely wonderful. He’s treated Clover (and us) with compassion and genuinely cares about her health and wellbeing. The techs are really great as well and answer every question I have and have a genuine investment in the pets in their care.”

Julie and her cat, Clover


Mister Cantoria

“Excellent care & very thorough. Great teamwork from check-in to check-out. Mister’s care is still ongoing, but I’m confident the continued care at CVESC will result in a diagnosis and treatment plan. Many thanks to all involved in Mister’s care.”

Denise and her cat, Mister
(Dr. Ghantous client)


Elliot Randolph

“Dr. Ghantous immediately fell in love with Elliot, and Elliot fell in love with him. The doctor’s enthusiasm to help is/was off the charts. We can tell he takes great pride and deeply cares about his patients. I’m sure this will be a long lasting relationship.”

Mike and his dog, Elliot


Bailey and Penny Viellieu

“What was so great about this visit was that it was my first time coordinating two visits. Everything ran right on schedule. If only human doctors could run such a ‘tight ship.’! Everyone who helped us was excellent.”

Amy and her dogs, Bailey and Penny
(Drs. Ghantous and Luethy patients)


Pikku Plusch


“Each person we dealt with gave us wonderful service. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Dr. MacKenzie and Dr. Crawford are direct, friendly and compassionate.”

John and Jean and their dog, Pikku




Lexie Stark

“My experience has been completely positive. The medical and tech staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. There is excellent and consistent communication between the specialty clinic and my pet’s regular vet.” (Dr. Ghantous client)

Susan and her dog Lexie





Phineas Marinelli

“I wish going to the doctor for people was as enjoyable!” (Dr. MacKenzie client)

Olivia and her dog Phineas






Pepito Quigley

“I am so impressed with your professionalism and well educated physicians and caring staff. Dr. Ghantous is an outstanding physician. He clearly articulated what was happening with my little buddy and took outstanding care of him. As an executive healthcare professional, my standards are very high. Everyone met my standards and I recommend you to everyone that has buddies. You saved my doggie’s life!”

Michelle and her dog Pepito



Spencer Empson“We believe Dr. Ghantous saved Spencer’s life, and for that we are forever grateful. Dr. Ghantous and his nurse have both been incredible. They clearly care about Spencer, were thorough and conscientious with us, and took great care of our buddy.”

Stacey and her dog, Spencer



Lola Greene“Dr. Ghantous has taken care of my dog and monitored her multiple autoimmune diseases for about three years. Under his care, they are in remission and she enjoys a full, active, happy life. I lack the capacity to fully express my gratitude for his expertise and his willingness to be charmed by her. This is the only vet clinic she has ever been to where she always bounces in the door, tail wagging, eager to see her old friends.”

Suzanne and her dog, Lola

Winston Moran“I am so thankful for this place. Our puppy had been vomiting and xrays had shown a small foreign object in his stomach. When another vet clinic had decided that we needed surgery, I brought our puppy here for a less invasive scope. The Internal Medicine vet, Dr. MacKenzie, was so thorough. We found that he didn’t need a scope at all, which saved our dog from an unnecessary surgery. He also diagnosed a food allergy (the real culprit of his vomiting). Our dog has been great ever since. I’m so glad that we found a doctor that was willing to take the time to really find out what was ailing our pet.”

Kristina and her dog Winston



Buttercup Johnson

“Everyone is just wonderful. Thank you so much for taking care of my baby. I don’t think she’d be alive today without you.” (Dr. Mackenzie patient)

Teresa and her dog, Buttercup




Prune Eisenstaedt

“Everything was great. Really appreciated their attention and the time Dr. Ghantous took each time we visited to discuss what they did, how our dog is doing, the prognosis, etc. Most importantly, he didn’t recommend procedures/tests unless they were necessary.”


Lee and his dog, Prune






Cami Pasenko

“Everyone we worked with was great. Dr. Ghantous especially went above and beyond in getting the correct diagnosis. Dr. Neihaus did a great job with the surgery.”

Vicky and her dog, Cami



Pebbles Veverka

“The visit/experience was outstanding. My husband and I, and of course Pebbles, felt like we received the V.I.P. treatment. Waiting for our appointment, I saw that all the other patients received the same, very courteous treatment. Being there under stress, we were made to feel very comfortable and confident that Pebbles was in “good hands.” Dr. Ghantous is the best and Jennifer Park was wonderful!”

Merle and her dog, Pebbles


Numo Short

“Everyone (Dr. MacKenzie and Dr. Wiedemann) is not only professional, but also very caring, for the patient as well as the owners.”

Simine & Jim and their dog, Numo




Penny Viellieu“Everything was great. Dr. Ghantous always remembers details about previous visits with Penny and her condition and while I’m sure he writes notes, it is clear he cares about people’s pets.”

Amy and her dog, Penny



Kitt Johnson“Service was beyond fantastic and the doctor was extremely knowledgeable and willing to help us through our questions. Dr. MacKenzie and his whole team were fantastic throughout our process. They made themselves available for calls all throughout the day, easily scheduled our check-ups and remained very personable.”

Colin and his cat, Kitt



Sarah Gershenson

“I would like to thank internist, Dr. Jack MacKenzie for the care and quick thinking he did over the past few days in helping our Fox Terrier, Sarah. I am grateful beyond words to the Center for their proactiveness regarding Sarah and what they have done to nurse her back to a healthier state.  Thank you again Dr. Mackenzie.”

Dan and his dog, Sarah

“Dr. Ghantous was wonderful to work with as we worked through difficult treatment decisions for our dog. All of his vet techs were equally kind and competent.”

Linda R. and her dog Glory

“Thank you for taking such great care of Buckley! I will definitely recommend you all!”

Kathleen K. and her cat Buckley

“Throughout his office visits and hospital stays these past five months, he was treated with kindness and love by all the staff members at CVESC. From Drs. Jack MacKenzie and Michael Podell to the reception staff and the numerous technicians, he was always treated with the utmost care, and for that we will be eternally grateful to all of you. Thank you for the work that you do – it’s important and it has a profound impact on so many.”

Patrick and Nancy S. and their dog Puppy




“Thank you for taking such great care of Hank during his recent stay. We’ve always considered Hank to be our ‘first born’ son and we appreciate that you treated him as the valued family member he is.”

Natalie and Adam Shafer and their dog, Hank





“Dr. MacKenzie and Dr. Ghantous,I really appreciate the fact that you were able to fit me in when PeeWee pulled out her feeding tube, twice! You put my mind at ease by addressing the problem right away. I just wanted to make sure that you both knew how important your efforts are and how appreciative I am of your fine work.”

Terry K. and his cat, PeeWee



“Dr. MacKenzie,
I would like to say thank you for always listening to my concerns, as well as being patient with me. If it weren’t for your knowledge and expertise, Duchess would not have been with me for almost 14 years.”

Miriam and her dog, “Duchess”