Client Testimonials

Wrigley Mannarelli“Dr. Luethy’s staff is absolutely outstanding! They communicate trust, integrity and compassion while remaining extremely approachable. On behalf of my 2 Cavaliers, I value our relationship with Dr. Luethy and unhesitatingly recommend him to other pet parents.”

Christine and her dogs, Wrigley and Ruby






Bailey Dowty

“We were completely satisfied with our experience, everyone was very nice and professional. Dr. Luethy did a wonderful job of explaining all aspects of our dog’s condition, what to look out for, what would or would not help. He took his time and we felt he really cares for the animals he treats.”

Pat and her dog, Bailey


Wheaties Soltow



“Dr. Luethy was extremely compassionate. He explains things in a way that made it easy to understand. He gives the absolute best care, is informative, knowledgeable, and is understanding of challenging emotions.”

Tara and her dog, Wheaties



Jasper Manteuffel

“I was really quite impressed with everything. Dr. Luethy was great. I went in to this appointment quite nervous about the diagnosis, but he explained everything to me in a way I totally understood. I had originally been led to believe this was more serious than his condition is at this time, so I felt I got the best news possible! This pup means the world to me and I feel I am in very good hands with Dr. Luethy, thank you so much.”

Laura and her dog, Jasper

Remmy Kwak

“Dr. Luethy made me comfortable and made sure that I was aware of the possible and then in detail let me know what Remmy’s condition was. The staff was great as well. Everyone was willing to help me out and ask how Remmy was doing when I was done. Great staff, easy to work with and made my 400+ visit seem like every penny was worth it and was going to good use.”

Mark and his dog, Remmy


Paloma Barrett



“Dr. Luethy is just amazing! I have used him before for other pets. My own vet uses him so that is a testament. He also shows a tremendous amount of compassion. His staff is wonderful as well.”

Debbie and her dog, Paloma




Fletch Darnell

“Level of care from both Drs. Neihaus and Luethy was superb. Dr. Neihaus went above the scope of the surgery. In addition to removing his spleen, he noticed the large fatty tumor under Fletch’s armpit and removed it for us at no charge. This was very thoughtful since this lump may have been a nuisance to Fletch and could have gotten bigger. Dr. Luethy was extremely informative in his explanation of Fletch’s arrhythmia – detailing every aspect of this echocardiogram to make sure I understood the status of Fletch’s health.”

Jennifer and her dog, Fletch



Raider Carter

“The entire experience is always positive. I’ve used Chicago Veterinary services for the past 3 years and the care my dog receives is always consistent and compassionate. My dog is always at ease when I bring him in, which says a lot. Staff is always welcoming the moment you enter your facility and when you leave. Dr. Luethy shows true dedication and compassion and I feel confident when bringing Raider under his care. He takes time to explain medical findings and treatment. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a veterinary cardiologist.”

Dorothy and her dog Raider


Joey Zaitlen“Everything was great. All the people were very professional and courteous and treated my cat like he was very special to them. Dr. Luethy was highly recommended to me by my regular veterinarian who said he treated one of her own pets and she was very pleased and impressed with his care and expertise. I also found that Dr. Luethy treated my cat with great skill and compassion. He explained completely the results of the echocardiogram and the type of heart problems they found. He prescribed medicine which has been very effective and given my cat more quality of life.  Joey is a bit more active and more engaged in our interactions. Thank you Dr. Luethy for giving me back my sweet Joey.”
Nancy and her cat Joey

Cary Boos“I always feel that everyone at CVESC is happy to see me and my dogs and to make our appointments as easy and comfortable as possible. When talking with other pet owners in my area, if the subject of a physical problem (other than minor issues) comes up, I always recommend CVESC and mention how wonderful it is that we have so many specialty practices so close by to handle any serious issues.” (Dr. Luethy patient)

Karen and her dog Cary


Izzie Atkisson

“Dr. Luethy was so nice. He took plenty of time to explain things to me and answer my questions. I was really, really pleased with my experience. Also, his tech was just wonderful and so kind. I also thought the woman at the check-out desk was very helpful and knowledgeable.”

Christina A. and her cat, Izzie



Kali Barsanti

“Couldn’t say more about how impressed I am with the people here. We needed a cardiologist and we found the best, Dr. Luethy, here. But beyond how friendly and informative Dr. Luethy is, the entire staff is very kind and caring and they truly provide the best emergency care possible for our dog.”

Vanessa B. and her dog, Kali



Nanita Herrera

“Dr. Luethy and his team are fantastic. They are very professional, always attentive and provide the best care to my pet. Dr. Luethy is the best Cardiologist. He is very knowledgeable, always professional, extremely supportive and provides honest and sincere advice.”

Sabrina H. and her dog, Nanita




Misty Pearson

“We were very concerned about our pet going in, but the staff and doctor put us at ease right away. Dr. Luethy explained various possible outcomes and then explained details about the test before and after. We were very happy to find out she is fine and quite healthy for a 14 year old! I think we can say all the staff we encountered on our visit were A+.”

Linnette P. and her cat, Misty


Riggins Turner

“Absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone is always so kind, professional and always makes my dog and myself feel welcomed and appreciated. Dr. Luethy is so fantastic! Couldn’t ask for a better doctor.”

Melissa T. and her dog, Riggins




“The staff is well trained for the job, we are in and out with no issues. All the time needed is taken and with great care for our needs. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful attempting to make something serious into not so much. These people love the job and animals they care for.”


Frank and his dog, Annie



Jennyanydots Rigotti-Clark

“Dr. Luethy is very kind, thorough and explains things well. He is direct, but tactful. You are also very, very lucky to have Dr. Jayme Looper on staff. She is one of the best veterinarians I have ever met – and I am accustomed to the best!

Ann and her cat, Jennyanydots


Sammie Jeanmenne

“I am always pleased with the care that my cat receives. Dr. Luethy is so very knowledgeable and compassionate. I would never think of taking my pets to anyone else.”

Suzanne and her cat, Sammie

(photo credit: Helmi Flick)




Pip Avery

“Everything was great, thanks! We always appreciate how professional the staff is and how everything runs so efficiently – makes it very easy to schedule an appointment before work – no long waits.”

Kristin and her dog, Pip






Toby Metzner

“Dr. Luethy was wonderful. Everything was happening so fast and I can’t thank him enough for his compassion and the time he took to explain Toby’s diagnosis, options and process. Dr. Looper was also fantastic. She really helped me to understand the process, medications and follow-up. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Toby (and me)! It was a very stressful and emotional time. You both helped me through this so much.”

Kim and her dog, Toby



Charlie Karn

“From parking my car to seeing the doctor (Dr. Luethy) … coffee for me J… great explanation … very professional … it was all good! The front desk … the doctor’s assistant … and the doctor were ALL polite, professional and informative.”

Linda and her dog, Charlie





Cookie Nussbaum

“This was a great experience – my new puppy had a grade III/IV heart murmur and I was nervous to see what would be found with my puppy’s heart. Dr. Luethy took the time to explain everything thoroughly and really helped to calm my nerves. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing cardiology services for their pets!”

Natalie and her dog, Cookie





Russell Levington


“Dr. Luethy is one of those rare doctors whose extensive skill set and clinical wisdom are matched with a wonderful bedside manner. He is worth the 90 minute drive each way.”

Caryn and her dog, Russell



Doogie Bizon

“I appreciate greatly that Dr. Luethy took the time to explain in great detail what was going on with my cat. He was very patient with all of my questions. Also, it’s always a pleasure to see Brena working at the front desk. She is always so friendly, positive and compassionate.”

Jen and her cat, Doogie





Chloe Messerer

“We remain so impressed and very grateful for the outstanding caring, supportive and professional service provided to our dog, Chloe, during the 4 days she was treated in the ICU by Dr. Luethy, and during her follow-up appointment. We have been so positively moved by the care Dr. Luethy, her other vets, techs, assistants and folks at the front desk of the ER have provided to our dog, Chloe, and to us during a very difficult time. We are most thankful that you are there for the many animals that you help.”

Jeff and his dog, Chloe


Maggie McHugh“I can’t say enough positive about Dr. Luethy and his staff. Very knowledgeable and caring. The emergency staff was also very caring. I was there for hours in the waiting room and was very thankful for the wifi. While I was sitting there, I did get a good sense for the staff that works at the front desk. They were kind and considerate of all they encountered.”

Pamela and her dog, Maggie



Perlin Deheleanu“Your hospital is the best. Great doctors and staff, nice facility, best care possible. Dr. Luethy saved my cat’s life twice.”

 Ana-Maria and her cat, Perlin



Tisa Jaskewycz

“My cat was first seen last year at another specialty center. I brought her to Dr. Luethy for a second opinion and am grateful that I did. When your pet is so ill and there is no cure, the expertise, support and kindness I receive at Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center is priceless. Dr. Luethy and staff are incredible.”

 Nellie and her cat, Tisa




Jimmy Kaufman

“The staff and Dr. Luethy are very friendly and seem to genuinely treat my kitty very kindly. I have been impressed with Dr. Luethy each time I have brought Jimmy in. Besides seeming to really care about Jimmy and his condition, Dr. Luethy is very considerate when delivering the results, and explains the condition, expected prognosis and possible symptoms very thoroughly. The technician at the visit was also very professional and nice.”

 Denise and her cat, Jimmy



Lottie Tyler“To say that I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Luethy’s medical knowledge, appreciative of his thorough explanations of Lottie’s condition/what to expect and touched by his sincerely caring and kind demeanor, is a major understatement. I also can’t begin to explain how highly I think of Dr. Luethy’s technician, Alison. Her professionalism, knowledge, charisma and extreme kindness have also made our patient experience wonderful and comforting. Knowing that we have Dr. Luethy and Alison on our team should we truly need to call upon their expertise in a time of need, gives me great comfort. And for that, I sincerely thank you.

Sarah and her dog, Lottie


Meg Rude“Our cat was a very dear member of our family and we miss her tremendously. I have to say that I believe she received the best possible care from all of the doctors and techs at CVESC. Every interaction I had with someone, via phone or in person, was good. Without exception the people were knowledgeable, responsive, and compassionate. Someone called the day after she came home to see how she was doing. Dr. Luethy called the following Monday, Columbus Day, to tell me how sorry he was that she had passed. He didn’t have to call and certainly not on a holiday. It really meant a lot to me.”

Cathy R. and her cat Meg


“I have never seen a more compassionate and kind man than Dr. Luethy, who took such personal care of my beloved Runty.”

John P. and his cat Runty







“Everyone was totally professional and friendly. The vet tech was great with my dog. Dr. Luethy gave me a thorough, outstanding explanation of her condition and what to expect going forward.”

James W. and his dog Vivi