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Jack MacKenzie, DVM, DACVIM Chicago Veterinary Internal Medicine and Oncology In General: 1. Ionized (non-protein bound) Calcium is regulated and maintained through relationships between active Vitamin D3, Phosphorous, Parathyroid Hormone, and Calcitonin 2. iCa= 55%, Protein-bound Ca= 35% and complexed Ca= 10% 3. With decreased calcium levels, you will get the following: a. Increase PTH […]... READ MORE

Successful Therapy of Vitamin D-Dependant Rickets in a Kitten

John M. MacKenzie, DVM, DACVIM*, Jason Crawford, DVM, DACVR*, Seth Ghantous, DVM, DACVIM* Abstract A 7 mo old, 2.4 kg, intact female kitten was evaluated for an inability to walk after falling out of the owner’s arms. Diagnostic testing abnormalities included hypocalcemia, low ionized calcium, and elevated intact parathyroid hormone concentration. The 25-hydroxyvitamin D level […]... READ MORE