Watch Lily Run After Her Second ACL Surgery

Check out these fantastic videos we received from Lily and her owners Gary and Cathy S. Lily had not one, but two ACL surgeries with Dr. Vinayak, one of our board-certified veterinary surgeons. We are so thrilled to see Lily happily running in the weeds and doing so well after her knee surgeries. Lily’s owners also sent us this lovely message:

“Well it has been a year since Lily had her last surgery for her ACL. Thank you for taking great care of her. We went to the forest preserve by us this weekend and Gary took a slow motion video of her. It is very cool and I thought you may enjoy it. We are happy to have our Lily back to her self running and playing. Thank you.”

– Gary and Cathy S.

Watch Lily run

And the slow-mo is even better!

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