Articles by Dr. Arathi Vinayak

Tracheal Collapse: A Look Beyond Stenting

Arathi Vinayak, DVM, DACVS Tracheal collapse is flaccidity of the cartilage and subsequent collapse causing airway obstruction. Normal hyaline cartilage that makes up the trachea becomes replaced with fibrocartilage and collagen fibers with loss of the matrix that holds the cartilage together. This leads to loss of tracheal conformation and inability to maintain shape during […]... READ MORE

To shock or not to shock? That is the question

Arathi Vinayak, DVM, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Surgeons Do you have a patient with severe osteoarthritis that is non-responsive to conventional medical management? Or maybe chronic forelimb lameness due to tendonitis? A non-healing superficial wound? Delayed or nonunion fracture? If you do, here is an option for you to consider. Shock wave technology is […]... READ MORE

Problems precluding amputation for a primary bone tumor…Now what?

Arathi Vinayak, DVM, Diplomate of the American College Of Veterinary Surgeons Bosco is a 180lb 6 year old male neutered Great Dane that presented for a 2 day history of right rear limb lameness. The lameness started after Bosco played hard with the other Dane in the family. The lameness was initially a nonweight bearing […]... READ MORE